Don't Let Anyone Take Advantage Of Your Family

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The Barilari & Williams Law Office is here to help beneficiaries, heirs and devisees protect their rights. If you believe you're entitled to distribution of all or some of an estate but something seems amiss, you may need an estate litigation attorney to advocate for you.

Often, families don't want to be pushy or seem greedy, and they ignore signs that something is amiss in the handling of their loved one's estate. Maybe you've requested information only to be pushed aside or been told that suddenly that the gifts of money or property left to you are no longer available. Or, perhaps the estate your parents worked so hard to build is in the hands of a complete stranger. If so, it's crucial to seek legal help as soon as possible.

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When do you need legal representation during an asset protection case?

When do you need legal representation during an asset protection case?

Wrongdoers use all types of tactics to take money and property from an elder or an elder's estate that does not rightfully belong to them. When this happens, delays can be tragic. Precious sentimental items disappear, property gets transferred or sold and money can be squandered before the truth is finally discovered.

You need legal advice from an estate litigation attorney if:

  • Someone is taking advantage of your family financially
  • Someone is claiming assets from an estate that should be yours
  • Someone is contesting your loved one's will

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