Meet The Team

Leroy A. Williams

Attorney at Law

As an Honors graduate from Morehouse College, LeRoy A. Williams chose to pursue a career in the legal profession and was quickly accepted into Howard University School of Law, receiving his Juris Doctor in 1998. After many years of practicing immigration, business, and corporate law, Mr. Williams eventually decided to focus his practice on probate and estate law. For the last 5 years, Mr. Williams has been working with clients throughout Southern California to navigate complex issues related to estate planning including wills, trusts, probate administration, and related issues. Every day, Mr. Williams is proud to do all that he can to help individuals and families make plans for the future.

Tony Barilari

Attorney at Law

For over a decade, Anthony S. "Tony" Barilari has been proudly serving clients throughout the Pasadena area. After graduating with High Honors from the University of California, Berkeley, Tony went on to earn his Juris Doctor from the UC Hastings College of the Law in 2008. Tony practiced civil litigation and bankruptcy law for several years before turning his focus to estate planning and probate law in an effort to better serve individuals and families throughout the community. Through strategic planning and sound legal advice, Tony is honored to provide reliable guidance on all estate planning and probate issues, including wills, trusts, probate administration, and more.

Plan For Your Future

Through Common
Estate Planning Options

It’s never too early or too late to begin planning for the future. Through a carefully constructed estate plan, you can not only ensure that your decisions are made as though you were there to make them yourself, but also maximize your estate during life. Whether you are planning your estate for the first time or updating your last will and testament, trust, durable power of attorney, or advanced health care directive, the legal professionals at Barilari & Williams, LLP are prepared to guide you through the estate planning process and craft a solution that meets all of your needs.

Basic Estate Planning Tools


A trust is another estate planning tool that can help you transfer benefits and property to your loved ones after passing. With specific state laws that govern how a trust can be set up, it's important to receive experienced guidance.

Power of Attorney

Establishing a power of attorney will enable you to appoint a trusted person to act as your agent and make decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated. Let the attorneys at Barilari & Williams, LLP handle every detail.


Creating a will can help protect you and your family to ensure that your exact wishes can be carried out once you pass. Drafting a will can help you name a guardian for your children, leave assets or property to beneficiaries, and more.

Healthcare Directive

Sometimes referred to as a living will or power of attorney for health care, an advanced health care directive is used to specify your end-of-life choices and final resting wishes, to grant HIPAA a CMIA authority, and to designate an agent to make critical health care decisions when you are unable to do so yourself.

Professional Guidance

Although these tools are common to every estate, creating an effective estate plan requires a personalized analysis of your family dynamics and finances and should always be done with the help of knowledgeable attorneys. The professionals at Barilari & Williams, LLP have the experience you need to help you successfully plan for your future.

Work with Experienced
Estate Planning Attorneys

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The Advantages of a Strategic Estate Plan

Protect Your
Loved Ones

Through a carefully crafted estate plan, you can be certain that your family is protected long after you're gone. You can appoint a guardian to look after your children, set aside money for your loved ones, and pass along any important assets you own to chosen beneficiaries.

Costs & Expenses

When you die without a trust or estate plan, California requires probate to divide and distribute your assets among your heirs. The probate process can be expensive with attorney fees, court costs, and added time. These expenses can be avoided through estate planning.

Ensure Your Exact
Wishes are Followed

With a detailed estate plan, you can create a will and trust to distribute property and assets, appoint a trusted power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated, and so much more. Throughout the process, you can trust that your exact wishes will be carried out.

Receive the Reliable Guidance You Need Today

Whether you are seeking to begin protecting your family and ensuring your legacy with an estate plan, or you need to probate an estate or administer a trust, start by contacting the experienced attorneys at Barilari & Williams, LLP. Our professionals in Long Beach, California are here to provide reliable legal guidance and support at every turn. Call or reach out today to schedule a free case consultation.