Organized, Efficient, & Professional

Tony is an excellent probate attorney. He helped me get through my father's probate with professionalism and kindness. Losing a parent is so difficult, and the process of probate is exhausting. Tony talked me through everything so I understood what the process entailed. He warned me that probate can take a while, which I really appreciated. He was organized, efficient, professional, and thorough. I could not have gotten through this rough time in my life without his help. I am forever grateful!

-Erin N| 5-star rating, Manhattan, New York

Very Professional!

I've known Tony for about 4 years,  he has successfully helped me with various legal matters over the years including a real-estate adverse possession court case and a tenant-landlord matter.  He is very professional and does a great job at explaining legal issues in layman terms. Tony is currently helping me navigate The Maze of Estate Planning and is helping me set up a living trust.

-Oscar M. | 5-star rating, Pasadena, California

Very Informative

Recently Tony helped me with the process of being assigned “Custodian Under the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act” after my kids inherited some money from a relative. He was precise with explaining everything and was on time with all needed paperwork and court documents.

-Sam K. | 5-star rating, Pasadena, California

Informative & Easy To Talk With

I really appreciated the answers and time Mr Barilari gave me. I have been searching for a couple of answers for a specific situation. When I move forward, he will be the attorney I use. Thank you!


Highly Recommended!

Tony is really nice and cares for his clients. Would recommend him if you need a lawyer!

-Star L.

Tony is Awesome!

Tony has been an awesome attorney. We were dealing with what I felt was a pretty difficult Family Trust. To make matters more complicated we (my brothers and I) did not live in California, but that was where our property involving the trust was. We were able to communicate with him and felt confident in everything he was doing. I would recommend him and his law office to anyone.