Estate Planning Attorneys in Pasadena & Long Beach, California

If you're reading this page, you may be asking yourself "Why should I pay an attorney when I can just find free forms online...?"


pen resting on last will and testament

The answer is simple. Estate planning is more than just a will or a trust. There are legal pitfalls inherent in wills and trusts that can lead to unintended consequences. At Barilari & Williams, LLP, we help you plan your estate with the following objectives in mind:

  1. To create your estate plan in a holistic manner under current law;
  2. To preserve your existing estate by including prudent protections;
  3. To optimize the use of your estate during life as you see fit;
  4. To plan for decision making for your family, health, and property if you become disabled or incapacitated;
  5. To transfer property to your loved ones or third-parties as you see fit during life; and
  6. To make clear your wishes for your family, including the care of minor children, and for the transfer of the balance of your estate once you're gone.

Did you notice that only one of these objectives deals with the disposition of assets upon death? That's right, a well-planned estate is there to help you throughout your life.

We Plan Your Estate in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Call or email Barilari & Williams, LLP to set up a free consultation for estate planning services. At the consultation we’ll answer any questions you might have and talk about:
    • Cost – Fixed price estate planning services in most cases including notary and recording fees. So no guesswork for you or open-ended legal bills.
    • Documents – We explain planning documents and how they work: will(s), trust(s), durable power(s) of attorney, and advanced health care directive(s) / living will(s).
    • Our agreement – We review and sign our attorney-client agreement.
      • Once we’ve had our initial consultation, together we complete steps 2 – 5:
  2. You complete our estate planning questionnaire and submit it to us.
  3. We meet again to talk about your responses, family, career or business, and goals.
  4. You review a synopsis of prepared documents and request changes or approve.
  5. Once approved, you come to our office to sign documents. We provide witnesses and a notary as necessary. We take care of deed recording and any other post-signing tasks as needed. And you’re done!

Remember: “Peace of mind is knowing that when you’re gone, your wishes will be carried out as if you were here.”