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Estate preparation goes beyond simply writing a final testament. Tt is never too early to start, even when the future may seem far off. If you become disabled or unable to care for youself, you deserve to feel protected, as do your loved ones. That is where our passion can be found.

If you want someone you trust to have the authority to handle your financial affairs, if you cannot do it yourself, you must have them sign a durable power of attorney on your behalf. Allow our sympathetic and supportive attorneys to support you during this crucial choice and procedure. Please get in touch with us at (562) 362-6802.

What is Durable Power of Attorney?

Giving someone the power of attorney indicates that you have chosen someone to represent you, especially in financial matters. If you become incapable of making choices for yourself for any reason—such as sickness, accident, or disease—they cannot act on your behalf under the standard power of a attorney.

If you do have a durable power of attorney, this representation will still be made on your behalf even if you become unable. You can choose how many or how few tasks your durable power of attorney will carry out, such as managing investments or paying payments. You must be very careful when selecting your durable power of attorney and ensure they are adequately and legally positioned to operate on your behalf. Don’t take any chances with such a crucial procedure. Contact our knowledgeable legal team to schedule a consultation.

When May I Need to Use a Durable Power of Attorney?

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t ever require or use a lasting power of attorney. However, there is always a possibility that you will lose the ability to make financial decisions due to old age, sickness, or accident. A durable power of attorney might be pretty beneficial for you and your loved ones if such a situation arises. Call Barilari & Williams at (562) 362-6802, so we can assist you with beginning your planning right now.

How Does the California Durable Power of Attorney Process Work?

The first step in obtaining a durable power of attorney in California is to contact an experienced attorney familiar with the court system. We can assist you in choosing and assigning the ideal candidate so that they are legally qualified to manage any financial matters on your behalf if the situation calls for it. Contacting our knowledgeable legal team is the best approach to start the process, so you are safeguarded for the future. Call us now to set up an appointment.

What takes place if my durable power of attorney is challenged?

Before awarding authority or access to your durable power of attorney, it is very customary for specific organizations to request more documentation. Hospitals, banks, and other financial organizations are a few examples of places where you can be asked to provide documentation of your power of attorney.

To demonstrate that they are not mismanaging your funds, they may each have a different process for your durable power of attorney. The fact that they are defending your interests is fantastic news for you! This is no longer a concern when our experienced attorneys are on your side since they can assist your power of attorneyin obtaining the legal access they require to manage your funds.

Choose the appropriate attorneys, like those at Barilari & Williams. You may feel secure knowing that, in the event of your incapacity and inability to make decisions for yourself, your funds will be adequately cared for. We can collaborate with you to ensure this crucial procedure goes without a hitch. Call us at (562) 362-6802 to arrange a meeting with a member of our team in Long Beach.

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