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You don’t want to be distracted by paperwork and legal processes when a loved one dies. The will of your loved one is settled through a probate proceeding, which may be drawn out and challenging. Yet, if you have a dependable lawyer, you may eliminate the hassle and pain associated with finalizing and dispersing a will.

Serious legal difficulties may surface during probate in some situations. A probate litigation solicitor might be helpful in this situation. By contacting our Pasadena office at (626) 590-7286, you can count on our legal team to support you during this difficult time.

Do I Have to File a Probate?

While probate isn’t always necessary in California, most wills must be handled through probate. Such situations that might not involve probate include:

  • Petite estates that qualify for streamlined judicial processes
  • If the deceased person put the property into a living trust 
  • If the dead person divided the estate “in joint tenancy,” it means the other person already owns the property

A Spousal Property Petition, which helps speed up the probate procedure, may also be submitted by a spouse or legal partner. Consult a lawyer knowledgeable about the laws and will work with you to identify the best course of action if any legal concerns occur throughout the probate process to determine whether your situation might not require probate. Our legal team is available to assist you at this time.

What is the California probate procedure?

Probate litigation typically takes six months to a year to complete. The selection of an executor to carry out the will marks the start of the procedure. The executor is frequently designated in the will itself, but depending on the circumstances, they may also be chosen by the family or another administration.

The will could then require validation to ensure that it was correctly prepared. Suppose a will is determined to be legitimate. In that case, the executor ensures that the terms of the will are followed, which may include valuing assets, paying debts, transferring ownership, filing taxes, etc. You already have enough things to be concerned about without adding the burden of the probate procedure.

You might need a legal company to act quickly when issues emerge. Through the probate procedure, our probate litigators can ensure you receive the inheritance you are due. Our attorneys can represent you and ensure your probate matter is handled as efficiently.

How Much Does California Probate Cost?

The standard fee structure for probate attorneys in California is a % of the estate’s worth. So, it is hard to estimate your charges in advance. But you can be confident that our legal team will devote all the necessary time to your case to reach the best outcome for you in settling your loved one’s estate.

Although adding the expense of a lawyer may seem intimidating in the face of applying for probate, the reality is that getting legal help might save you money over time as you settle your loved one’s estate.

Conflicts, tax issues, and even litigation lengthen and complicate the case. Without legal representation, you risk spending even more time and money. Contact our legal team immediately to see how we can assist you with your probate matter.

What Problems Might Come Up in a Probate Case?

A probate case may get complex in various ways, which is why it’s so important to have an experienced lawyer at your side throughout the procedure. Contesting the will is one issue that could arise.

Maybe a family member doesn’t agree with the will, or perhaps you think the will wasn’t written properly. If there is no will, estate distribution may also become challenging. According to California law, the assets in this situation must be dispersed via probate.

Without legal experience, probate can be challenging in any case. Yet the procedure may go considerably more smoothly with our attorneys on your side. We can litigate issues to ensure you receive the benefits and inheritance you are due.

You will undoubtedly need a lawyer familiar with navigating this challenging procedure when dealing with a complex legal case like probate litigation. Call (626) 590-7286 as soon as possible to make an appointment and discuss how we might assist with your probate matter.

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