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Dramatic scenes of a family hearing the reading of a wealthy relative’s will and squabbling over the assets being distributed to each member are frequently seen in movies and television shows. The reality is that making and carrying out a will is far less dramatic and challenging in real life

Without regard to their wealth, every adult should have a will. These are some key responses to frequently asked questions concerning wills in California that our lawyers get.

Why Is Having a Will Important?

The only way to establish a legal record of your intentions for what should happen to your assets when you pass away is to make a will. To begin with, you’ll probably save your surviving family members time, money, and the stress of determining which possessions are included in your inheritance. Your house, other real estate holdings, financial assets, such as bank accounts, savings, retirement funds, stocks, etc., as well as any other possessions you want to leave to your beneficiaries, such as jewellery, your collection of bourbons or model trains, are included in your will.

A will also outline your preferences for how and to whom your assets should be distributed. For instance, you may decide that your sister should receive your diamond collection, your sister should receive your miniature train collection, and your husband should inherit the family house. Also, you can choose an executor in your will who will carry out your wishes and settle your affairs.

Should I Make a Will if I Don’t Have Much Money?

Contrary to popular belief, anybody may gain from having essential estate planning paperwork in place. It is a frequent misperception that only the wealthy and famous need wills and estate preparation. Even if you have a little bank account, a house, a car, and a few emotional family antiques, you should consider drafting a will.

If you have any small children, this is particularly crucial since you may specify who you want to be their primary career in your untimely death. A will provides you greater control over your affairs after your death, aids in directing your heirs when it comes time to distribute your assets, and can lessen the likelihood of family conflicts. Also, you may specify who should look after your pets and what should happen to any digital assets, such as email or social media accounts.

What Happens in California if I Pass Away Without a Will?

Without a will, a person’s estate will likely go through the California intestate probate procedure. Following the intestate succession statutes, the court will split your assets and distribute them to your nearest relatives.

Because there is no formal record of how the person who passed away wanted their property split, the state must follow rules to make those decisions on the decedent’s behalf, which is time-consuming. If the deceased had little children, the state would decide who would care for them without considering their unspoken desires.

Does an Attorney Have to Write My Will?

A will must be properly prepared, executed, and adhere to some standards to be legally binding. While it is feasible to create a will using the do-it-yourself tools found on numerous websites, doing so without the assistance of an experienced estate planning solicitor does not guarantee that your will function as you planned.

With so much at stake, speaking with a lawyer who can guide you through the will-writing process, ask you crucial questions, or raise problems you might not have thought of on your own is ideal. The legal experts at Barilari & Williams, LLC, can help with any of your estate planning requirements. To begin, contact our Pasadena location at 888-EST-PLAN.

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