Long Beach Wills Lawyers Helping Clients Looking to Write or Modify Their Wills in California

While putting your estate plans together, writing your will is a crucial step. Writing a will, though, might occasionally feel intimidating or perplexing. Our lawyers give some advice on items you should consider while drafting your will based on their experience helping numerous clients with the process of creating their estate plans.

What Should Information Be Included In My Will?

A will ensures that your property and assets are left to the correct individuals after death. A list of your assets, your personal information, the names of your family members, and a few other fundamental pieces of information are required while preparing a will. These assets might range from personal possessions to real estate, financial assets, and other things as well.

Even your dogs can be included in the will, and while they are considered property and cannot inherit anything, you can choose someone to provide them with a new home. A will may also be helpful for parents of young children since you can specify in it who you would like to take care of your children in the event of your untimely death.

What Are Executors, and How Do You Choose One?

You appoint an executor to handle your business and administer your estate when you pass away. Although the executor is responsible for many duties, including paying your bills, submitting your taxes, and contacting your beneficiaries, the probate procedure is the executor’s most crucial responsibility.

Anybody you trust can serve as your executor, although certain people may be more qualified than others for the position. It is essential to choose a dependable executor in good financial standing. It possesses at least the bare minimum of abilities to manage your finances and deal with the paperwork required to close your estate. You may always speak with a lawyer and perhaps bring your possible executor along so that you both know what the job requires and are more confident in your choice.

Why Is Having a Will Important?

A will is a key component of any estate plan, and even while it might not address all of your estate planning needs, it is better to have one than not. Without one, you won’t control how your assets are distributed or who gets what. Your property will be divided according to California’s intestate succession rules. If you have small children, the court will choose who will care for them without considering your preferences.

Also, it takes a lot of time and effort to administer a non-willed individual’s estate. The court may choose an executor who will need to gather all the information on who your legitimate heirs are and the assets you hold if there is no list of your assets and beneficiaries (which would be included in your will). It is wise to have a will in place and protect your loved ones from needless hassles when so much is at risk.

How can a wills lawyer assist me?

Writing a will is not an enjoyable or exciting process to consider, but with the assistance of an experienced expert, you may mark this off your to-do list more quickly. As you can see, it’s critical to have a legitimate will to secure your family’s financial future and legacy. An attorney may assist you with more than just the requirements of making a will; they can also guide you by probing the proper questions and guiding you clear of frequent pitfalls.

Our lawyers at Barilari & Williams, LLC have assisted several clients in the Long Beach region with clearly writing their wills and other estate planning forms. You may rely on our legal staff if you need to modify or amend your will or estate planning. To find out how we may assist you or to schedule an initial consultation, call us at 888-EST-PLAN.

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