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Probate is the process of resolving a will. Dealing with legal problems, such as paperwork and office errands, is the last thing you want to do at this stressful time. You won’t have to do as much legwork if you have a lawyer on your side, and you can be confident that the outcome will be as favorable to you as possible.

Our probate litigation attorneys can intervene on your behalf if any legal issues arise that jeopardize the probate procedure. Call (562) 362-6802 to schedule a consultation with our Long Beach office to discuss how to handle your probate matter.

Is My Case Probate Exempt?

In California, probate is often required in estate settlement proceedings, although certain exceptions exist. These are a few situations where probate might not be necessary:

Some estates are modest enough to avoid probate or, at the very least, be eligible for a quicker probate process.

If there is a living trust

If the deceased participated “in joint tenancy” and the other owner already owns the property

Filing a Spousal Property Petition by a spouse is another approach to streamlining the probate procedure. Speak to us immediately to learn if your case warrants probate, and rely on our professional team to walk you through the procedure.

How Does California Probate Court Procedure Operate?

An executor must be chosen before the probate process can start. This is frequently stated in the will, although it may also be chosen by the deceased person’s family or another administrator. The will must then be verified. The validity of the will might be challenged if there are any concerns. If the will is legitimate, the executor ensures it is carried out following the decedent’s desires.

This includes carrying out any other instructions included in the will, such as paying bills and filing taxes. The probate procedure is the last thing you want to consider while you are still mourning your deceased loved one. Give your issue to our lawyers so they can handle it, and you can relax. Having a probate litigation attorney on your side can make a significant difference to the result of your case if legal concerns develop throughout the probate procedure.

How much does probate cost in California?

Without speaking to a lawyer, it is hard to estimate the cost of probate, but you may anticipate that the charge will typically be a proportion of the estate’s worth. Please be aware that this law is specific to California and might not apply to other states.

The most affordable alternative for dealing with the probate procedure may be hiring a lawyer. The process may drag on without legal representation, leading to less-than-ideal financial results. You don’t want to handle family conflicts, tax issues, litigation, or simply disagreements among family members alone. Please think about working with our legal team to assist you in avoiding the added expense and worry of handling your probate case.

Could a Probate Case Get Complicated?

Like any legal action, probate cases can quickly become complex due to several potential difficulties. For instance, a family member who disagrees with the will or you, if you believe the will is invalid for whatever reason, might dispute it. Things become even more complicated without a will since California law requires that the estate be divided via probate.

Employing a lawyer familiar with the system and capable of obtaining the results you deserve may make a significant difference because of these possible issues and many others. By getting in touch with our law office right away, you can provide yourself with the assurance that comes with having a dependable legal group guiding you through the probate procedure.

There is no doubt that hiring an experienced lawyer to assist with your probate case is a fantastic choice. Since it is so, you shouldn’t try to handle the delicate and difficult procedure of probate litigation on your own. Contact us at (562) 362-6802 to arrange a consultation so you can speak with one of our empathetic and knowledgeable attorneys about your probate matter.

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