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This adds additional worry and anxiety to an already terrible time as you grieve the loss of your loved one, whether a will of your loved one is being challenged and you need to demonstrate that the will is legal or if you feel a will has been made and performed erroneously.

It is never a good idea to start discussions at this point without someone who knows about settling estate issues. Our attorneys know how to get the desired outcomes, keeping the procedure as quick and simple as possible. Call us at (562) 362-6802 immediately to arrange a consultation in Long Beach.

What happens during negotiations over an estate dispute?

Estate disputes can arise if a part of a final testament is challenged. There are several potential causes, including the inappropriate number or kind of witnesses or even blatant fraud. A complicated estate may be an emotionally challenging period. You’ll need a dependable ally to assist in reaching a legal and amicable resolution to the situation. Let us work with you during the estate dispute. Call us right away.

Why Would I Need a Dispute Over an Estate?

Here are only a handful of the numerous potential causes for contesting a will:

Having issues with the Testator

The individual who signs the will is known as the testator. A testator’s incapacity or the possibility of acting under pressure or coercion might be grounds for contesting their will. A testator’s signature may have been falsified, or they may have simply forgotten to sign the will. These events would also result in a dispute over an estate.

The Witnesses’ Problems

Several requirements must be satisfied before witnesses may legally ratify a will. Some of these requirements include being at least 18 years old, being present when the will is signed, and being aware that the testator is writing a will. The will may be contested if any of these prerequisites are not satisfied.

Issue with Forgery

If a will is shown to have been forged, it may be ruled void. A barrister for estate disputes can assist in determining whether or not a document was forged if you have one on your side.

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Lawyer in My Estate Dispute Case?

Even with competent legal counsel, estate disputes can be challenging. These entail disagreements between loved ones and possibly even hurt sentiments. Without an expert familiar with the legal ramifications of estate disputes, your case may drag on even longer, be more challenging to resolve and cost more money.

Hiring an estate dispute lawyer will help you handle your matter more effectively, saving you money and suffering. Call (562) 362-6802 to contact our Long Beach legal team and start working on your estate conflict case.

When Should I Challenge a Will?

There is a short period in California in which to contest a will, so you’ll want to start the case as soon as you feel it might need to be. Your matter can be settled more swiftly and to your best advantage if you involve legal counsel early in the process. By calling our Long Beach offices immediately, you may obtain the assistance you need with your estate dispute matter and the outcomes you deserve.

If you enter an estate dispute, our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys want to be by you during this trying time. With us on your side, your case will be settled swiftly, saving you money and sparing you the stress that expensive litigation can cause at this trying time in your life. Call (562) 362-6802 right now to start the process and speak with a member of our skilled legal team in our Long Beach office.

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