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Even the best-written will or estate plan may face legal challenges when someone dies. Or perhaps a loved one has died, and you know the will was not correctly written. It might be crucial to have an experienced solicitor on your side in these situations, whether you or someone else has contested a will, to resolve any disputes.

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What Is Negotiation in an Estate Dispute?

When someone opposes a will, testament, or any other component of an estate plan, this is known as an estate dispute. It’s possible that the executor or representative of the will be accused of misbehaving or of drafting the will fraudulently or wrongly. When an estate is contested, it may lead to tension and even hatred. You should be confident that your case will be handled quickly and professionally if you have a reliable solicitor. Please set up a consultation with us to start resolving your estate issue.

Why Would There Need to Be an Estate Dispute?

A will and testament may be challenged for a variety of reasons. These are a few potential outcomes:

Problems with the Testator

The will is essentialto be signed by the testator or the person it is. The will might not be enforceable if this didn’t happen. The will’s validity may also be questioned if the testator made the will under duress, was coerced, or was thought to have been mentally incompetent.

Issues with the Witnesses

The will might not be enforceable if there weren’t enough witnesses, they weren’t of legal age to sign, or they weren’t informed that the testator was making a will. This would give rise to a will contest.


A will may be declared void if there is any indication that it was forged. Your estate dispute lawyer may assist you in determining if there was forgery involved in an estate plan or, if there was, in making the case that there wasn’t.

What Happens in My Estate Dispute Case If I Don’t Have a Lawyer?

Your estate dispute might drag on and be harder to settle if you don’t have a lawyer. If you choose a barrister familiar with handling estate issues, your chances of getting a good result increase significantly. Quickly settling an estate issue can spare you money and suffering and protect family ties that a protracted court conflict would have harmed. Call our Pasadena office at (626) 590-7286 immediately if you need assistance with an estate dispute.

How soon should I challenge a will?

You will want to file your contest of the will as soon as possible since there is a deadline for challenging a final will and testament in California. But, if the legal process drags on for too long, it might deplete your financial reserves and be unpleasant. Please make an appointment with us immediately to explore your estate dispute and choose the best action.

Our knowledgeable legal team is standing by to guide you through the challenging and trying process of resolving an estate dispute. We can cut down on the time it takes for your case to be determined, which might save you money and the mental suffering associated with handling the contesting of a loved one’s will. We will work to ensure that the outcome is in your favor. Contact (626) 590-7286 as soon as possible to set up a consultation for your estate conflict matter.

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