What is a Will?

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You may get the best will for you and your loved ones by working with a Long Beach will lawyer at Barilari & Williams. Allow one of our lawyers to check your last will if it hasn’t been updated or reviewed.

A final will is defined. A will is a legally binding statement of “your will,” or your instructions and goals for what will happen to your possessions and assets after your passing. You can modify your will at any time while you are still alive.

Barilari & Williams’s Southern California estate planning attorneys collaborate with clients to draft and update wills. We ensure that your final will appropriately reflect your instructions and intentions and is current.

What Are Wills Good For?

Your directives and wishes about your possessions and properties are spelled out in your final will and testament. It specifies who receives what, in other words. For example, if you have pets, your will may include instructions on how to care for them.

If you have little children, you can designate a guardian for them in your will. Without a named guardian, your kid or children’s fate and custody might be chosen by others without taking your preferences into account if both parents (or a single parent) pass away suddenly.

The executor of your estate should be someone you fully trust to handle your affairs after your death, and they should be named in your will. Without a will or trust, a California court may decide what happens to your possessions. Making a will guarantees that your desires are carried out and your instructions are followed.

Who Requires a Will?

It is even more crucial to safeguard your loved ones if your resources are tight. You should write a will as soon as possible if you have a family, a company, valuables, or real estate, but you’ll need an attorney’s assistance.

What Does the Will Executor Perform?

When the time comes, the executor named will manage the estate and ensure all bills and taxes are paid. The executor also ensures that the assets and properties are distributed and given to the beneficiaries per the terms of the will.

If you are a will executor, you may speak with an estate administration lawyer at Barilari & Williams for the assistance and direction you require.

Do You Need a Will?

Not everyone may have a will. But trust enables you to consider more intricate financial arrangements as well as intricate business and domestic issues. Your choices for a will and trust can be discussed with a Barilari & Williams estate planning lawyer in Long Beach.

Having excellent, trustworthy legal counsel is essential when making plans. The lawyers at Barilari & Williams have more than ten years of combined expertise helping clients in Southern California with all facets of estate preparation.

Call the Long Beach or Pasadena law offices at Barilari & Williams at 888-EST-PLAN to begin or to learn more about wills, trusts, or estate planning. The initial legal consultation is free. A lawyer at Barilari & Williams can give you a precise, understandable, and efficient will.