A Long Beach last will and testament attorney at Barilari & Williams will help you prepare the will that’s right for you and your loved ones. If you have a last will and testament that has not been reviewed or updated in several years, let one of our attorneys review it on your behalf.

What is a last will and testament? A will is a legal document expressing “your will” – your instructions and desires for what happens to your properties and assets after your death. While you are alive, you may change your will at any time.

The Southern California estate planning lawyers at Barilari & Williams work with clients to both create wills and revise wills. We make certain that your last will and testament is up-to-date and accurately expresses your instructions and wishes.

What Do Wills Accomplish?

Your last will and testament spells out your directions and wishes for your assets and properties. In other words, it says who gets what. If you have pets, for instance, your will may also leave directions regarding how the pets will be cared for.

If you are a parent, you can name a guardian for your minor child or children in your will. Without a designated guardian, if both parents (or a single parent) die unexpectedly, the fate and custody of your child or children could be decided by others without taking your preferences into consideration.

A will should also designate an executor of your estate, someone you entirely trust to manage your affairs after your death. Preparing a will ensures that your wishes will be honored and that your instructions will be followed, but without a will or a trust, a California court may decide what happens to your assets.

Who Needs a Will?

If your finances are modest, it’s even more essential to ensure that your loved ones will be protected. If you own a business, assets, and/or properties, or have a family, you should probably prepare a will as soon as possible, but you are going to require an attorney’s help.

What Does a Will’s Executor Do?

A will’s executor is the individual designated to manage the estate and see that its taxes and debts are paid when that time arrives. The executor also sees that the assets and properties are divided and transferred to the beneficiaries as the will has directed.

If you are the executor of a will, you can obtain the estate administration advice and guidance you need by consulting an estate administration attorney at Barilari & Williams.

Is a Will Right for You?

A will may not be appropriate for everyone. A trust, however, allows you to take more complex finances and more complicated business and family situations into account. A Long Beach estate planning attorney at Barilari & Williams can advise you regarding your will and trust options.

When you’re planning for the future, it is imperative to have high-quality, reliable legal guidance. The attorneys at Barilari & Williams have more than a decade of combined experience providing comprehensive estate planning advice and services to our Southern California clients.

To get started or to learn more about wills, trusts, or estate planning, call the Long Beach or Pasadena law offices of Barilari & Williams at 888-EST-PLAN for a free first legal consultation. An attorney at Barilari & Williams can prepare a will for you that is precise, clear, and effective.